For Home Buyers

During the mortgage crisis over recent years, home finance has been tight and it’s been somewhat difficult to qualify for a mortgage. Now, with the real estate market fired up and home financing challenges disappearing, now is the best time in several decades to buy a new home. Interest rates are historically low, finance is much easier to acquire and home values are astounding. So what are you waiting for? It’s a great real estate market! Don’t put off, call, text or email me and I’ll be proud to deliver the very finest real estate service available, guaranteed. Call now, I look forward to speaking with you.

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Home Buyers' Interactive Tool Kit

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has released an online “Owning a Home” interactive toolkit designed to help consumers through the process of shopping for a mortgage. The toolkit makes it easy to see how shopping around can translate into BIG DOLLARS saved. Click the following link to get your FREE toolkit:

FREE Mortgage Calculator

Seven Main Roles of Your Real Estate Agent

How Can a Real Estate Agent Help Me And My Family? As Your Representing Buyer's Agent Elegant Homes and Gardens Is Here To:

  1. Educate you about your market.

  2. Analyze your wants and needs.

  3. Guide you to homes that fit your criteria.

  4. Coordinate the work of other needed professionals.

  5. Negotiate on your behalf.

  6. Check and double-check paperwork and deadlines.

  7. Solve any problems that may arise.

Searching for Your Dream Home?

It’s not easy finding that perfect house. Let me help. I make it a point to know every property for sale in the area. Just let me know what type of home you’re interested in and I’ll send you some free information on the home-buying process and how to get started.

Eight Important Questions To Ask Your Agent

Qualifications are important. However, finding a solid, professional agent means getting beyond the resume, and into what makes an agent effective. Use the following questions as your starting point in hiring your licensed, professional real estate agent (of course, we hope it's Elegant Homes and Gardens):

  1. Why did you become a real estate agent?

  2. Why should I work with you?

  3. What do you do better than other real estate agents?

  4. What process will you use to help me find the right home for my particular wants and needs?

  5. What are the most common things that go wrong in a transaction and how would you handle them?

  6. What are some mistakes that you think people make when buying their first home?

  7. What other professionals do you suggest we work with and what are their credentials?

  8. Can you provide me with references or testimonials from past clients?

Real Estate Experience

  • Licensed real estate professional for more than two decades

  • Associate Broker

  • Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS)

  • Member of the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS)

  • Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA)

  • Certified New Home Specialist (CNHS)

  • Residential Construction Certified (RCC)

  • Graduate of the REALTOR® Institute (GRI Certification)

  • Real Estate Educator/Trainer in the State of Michigan authorized by LARA

  • Standard & Poors Consultant (by special invitation)

Professional Mission Statement

  • To deliver unparalleled premium service to all my clients and customers

  • To be the most respected real estate agent with professional integrity

  • To provide innovative concepts in the field of real estate marketing

  • To work in partnership with my clients for their ultimate satisfaction and benefit

  • To make the real estate experience the absolute best it can be for my clients

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